Allow us to introduce ourselves and let you know a bit about us, and why the K9 Back Pack was born:
The K9 Back Pack team.
We’re Brenda, Christina, Sharon and Guadalupe; former Dodgerslist team members, with many, many years of experience supporting IVDD dogs and owners.
Having faced the condition with our own dogs, we know too well that when you need help and support, you need it not only with facts, but with understanding and kindness.
We also know that IVDD is stressful for the whole family and that learning doesn’t have to be strict. We know that not all dogs and situations are the same and that sometimes what works for one, doesn’t work for another.
We are not vets. Yet we have spent countless hours experiencing the condition, listening, reading, researching, and replying to messages by emails, twitter and facebook. We met so many of you when your dogs were down and you needed a helping hand, and to this day, some of you are still our friends.
Recently, all of us felt the need for a space in which people could learn and help their dogs heal while doing it with a smile and empathy. We felt we should reach out to people, posting and replying where they feel comfortable. The need for a place where we could really make a difference, without limitations.
So now we embarked on a new project with the hopes of providing support and education, in a friendly, empathic and fun environment: The K9 Back Pack!
We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and have our own web page, to make it easy for YOU to get support, the way YOU prefer.
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