Dr. Karen Becker is a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian. In her series, she discusses nutrition and how to choose better foods for pets in part 2 and part 3 of the series.
Dr. Lew Olson has a PhD in Natural Nutrition and offers a laid back approach to raw feeding: balance over time.  Her book, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals is a wonderful addition to an educational raw feeding library and has a Facebook support page: K9Nutrition.
Monica Segal is certified in Animal Health Care. Her philosophy: each dog is an individual and needs to be fed that way.  She offers individual recipe creation; home cooked, raw and supplemental feeding, as well as her book: K9Kitchen: The Truth Behind The Hype and Facebook support page: K9Kitchen.
Sabine Contreras the author of the successful website The Dog Food Project, and is certified in Animal Health Care. She also offers customized feeding plans for individual dogs.
Dogaware.com is a phenominal rescource for pet parents who have recieved a specific diagnosis, such as kidney or liver disease for their beloved animals.
Keeping paw fur and nails trimmed are essential to good back and hip health, and healthy skin.  Learn more about grooming paws, and keeping nails trimmed on our Facebook page.

Dr Sophia Yin offers some useful advice to desensitize dogs who are apprehensive about nail trims and paw grooming.
Often we interpret signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction as simply *normal* aging.  CCD can start as early as 10 years old in small dogs and as early as 8 in bigger dogs.  Waking up often at night barking to go out or wanting to eat are just a few of them. There are supplements and medications to help prevent and treat CCD. 
Dr Karen Becker lists supplements to help prevent CCD:
Two SAM-e products: Novifit and Denosyl Medication to treat:  Selegiline (Vet product Anipryl)
No, Kibble DOES NOT clean teeth!  In fact, the carbohydrate in much of kibble is what contributes to tartar buildup and gum disease.  Watch this slideshow of how to brush your dog's teeth, safely and effectively.  Does a raw diet really help keep a dog's teeth cleaner?  Dr Karen Becker's thoughts are here!